Recent Sawfish Capture and Release in Naples

A recently caught and released large smalltooth sawfish at the Naples pier.  The photo above shows the 12 foot (3.7 m) long sawfish pier-side.
All photos courtesy, J. George.  Catch and release by K. Baker.

The sawfish was briefly pulled onto the beach using a pair of bridge gaffs, and the hook was removed. The photo above shows that it is a female, as the pelvic fins do not have long claspers (male sex organs) extending towards the tail (caudal fin).

The fish slashes the sand briefly using its powerful saw (rostrum).

After removing the hook and gaffs, the anglers released the fish back into the Gulf of Mexico.  Notice the highly reflective eyes and large spiracles (just behind the eyes).  The robust appearence of the fish indicates that it is in good health.

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